Nurturing Through Non-Traditional Care

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Establishing and providing continuous care for our community is our priority. If you need help, we're here!

Our FAITH Program

Providing Fast Affirming Innovative Testing and Healthcare

What We Do

Through a pre-integrated network of affirming physicians, peer counselors, and cloud based solutions we offer services ranging from STD/STI testing to reproductive care to Trans Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) care to our clients. Within this network, TKO also provides behavioral support services, and provide direct support assistance in the event of a financial or housing crisis.

There is an 'artivism' component of our organization that through the use of art installations, school partnerships, in person and virtual events, and film-making we provide community-focused storytelling opportunities to those who are open to sharing their perspectives as well as those who want to benefit from cultural enrichment.

Raised for FAITH Program

Pounds of food and essential supplies given away

Total hours of peer navigation services


Donate Today and Invest In Our Community

TKO is purchasing our building! This multi-level brick structure has more than 16,500 sq ft of movement-building greatness. Historically, the Black Trans and LGBQ community has rarely had opportunities to define their space, acquire ownership, and invest in themselves or their futures. We have always had to borrow or create spaces (without ownership) to empower, uplift, and unite.

Located within an opportunity zone at the foot of the historic Edmund Pettus


Bridge, this building will allow us to create a long-term sustainable place where we can train the next generation of TGNC and LGBQ leaders.

But owning this building is just ground zero. It will become the foundation upon which future generations can build, without having to start over, and sustain generational wealth.

Help us achieve our mission by donating today. We cannot invest in our future without you!

$350,000 Goal